Worlds Lost and Gained: A Polish-American Journey

Zyga Taube and Lola Popper were born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire; he in Lwów, the capital of Galicia; she in Kraków, Poland's ancient capital. By the time they were married in 1930, they were living in an independent Poland. Their son, Tadeusz, soon to be known as Tad, was born the following year, and Zynga became a successful exporter. The family looked forward to a prosperous--and a Polish--future. But Zyga, a businessman good at spotting trends, quietly began making plans to spirit his young family out of Poland, and to begin life over in America.

This book, Worlds Lost and Gained: A Polish-American Journey, is a collection of photographs that spans an entire century, is accompanied by the personal reminiscences of Zyga and Lola's son Tad, who grew up to become the single largest American contributor to Jewish culture in today's New Poland.